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Creating technology for foresters

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My Specialties

Project management, data analytics, web development, machine learning, cloud infrastructure, custom scripting, and forest modeling.


Establish a project from an idea or concept through requirements and design.


Implementing the project details from requirements to establish working software using iterative processes.


Integration and unit testing to ensure software performs as planned, and works with existing systems or processes.


Support software deployment, find and fix bugs, and staff training.

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My Background

Experience with developing digital solutions for the Forest Supply Chain.


Forest Management

Decades of first-hand experience with forest management, climate tech solutions, invasive species control, and satellite imagery processing.


Resource Sustainability

Experience managing and measuring forest and timber resouces for sustainable yield, carbon sequestration, and renewable energy projects.


Business Analytics

Recent experience developing software and pipelines for data storage, analysis, visualization, and modeling.


Information Technology

Experience with design, development, and implementation of modern full-stack technology solutions.